Повышение квалификации библиотекарей - июнь 2018


The trainings also served a good platform for librarians, especially those from regional borderlands of Armenia, to establish collaborative networking while being in Yerevan, to exchange their practice and also to gain friends.    

According to Metaksya Mesropyan who is the librarian of the library of Salvard village in Syunik region, the small village evokes its specific difficulties for librarians, however, they are always willing to learn more. Marine Subnishanyan, the librarian of Gavar high school library, ensured that she was very impressed by the trainers and the take-away knowledge which would facilitate her further professional activity. The training set management methods - how to make libraries more attractive by using a variety of knowledge and leaderships skills, to get patrons and ensure new flows into libraries. 

"Libraries in Armenia are at different levels in terms of both building facilities, preservation and equipment. In case of community libraries which are under control of local self-government bodies, both the building facilities are in bad condition and the human resources are very limited. The majority of those libraries haven't been re-equipped with new literature for years", YSULS Head of library Anna Chulyan mentions. 

Ruzanna Sukiasyan, the librarian of high school N 17 after M. Khorenatsi in Vanadzor, expressed her content with the training and mentioned that the provided information was in details and attainable. Tehmine Grigoryan, the librarian of Nerkin Khndzoresk community school library, asserted that the trainings were very interesting and the friendly and cordial atmosphere was ensured.

Kristine Sahakyan, school librarian of Avshar village in Ararat region, mentioned that she had great expectations from the training. According to Lilit Yerkanyan, school librarian of Berd, librarian's activity requires pedagogical skills as far as it is pedagogue's duty to implant love towards books among pupils.  

Arevik Avanesova, head of YSULS library department of Information & Electronic Services, mentioned that the training courses were very interesting for the librarians and they expressed their willingness to put into practice the training materials. She mentioned, "We try ensure feedback for librarians which will foster the continuity of the training program. The main problem emerged during trainings is that some libraries are not technically equipped, are not integrated into national library network, and respectively librarians face difficulties in their working environment".

According to Armine Vardanyan, YSULS library bibliographer, librarians were well prepared and willing to learn more, to take the initiative which is very important.

Anna Chulyan, head of YSULS library, ensured that there are many problems in the library field by emphasizing one of the main problems: "The level of computer knowledge among librarians is not equal which causes additional problem. However, it is important that the trainers thoroughly performed their work by applying individual approach to each trainee. We have also prepared a depository in such a format which will allow librarians to make it applicable to  any type of computer and in any domain. The technical equipment of schools is another problem; in some schools the librarians have no computers".

At the end of the trainings the librarians evaluated the efficiency of the training program and were given an opportunity to make proposals.

 Anna Chulyan added that 28 librarians from Yerevan and other regions of Armenia have already participated in the training program, and the stable increase of the number of participants will be desirable. It is also important for principals of schools to accept the fact that such trainings play crucial role for librarians.