“Changing Legal Orders between the EU and Russia: Constitutional Processes in the Eastern Partnership”

16-27 August 2021, Yerevan

In August 2021 the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies will hold its inaugural Summer School on ‘Constitutional Processes in the Eastern Partnership’. The Summer School aims to bring together students and researchers from Eastern Partnership and EU countries to examine the processes of constitutional transformation in the post-Soviet space, with a particular focus on Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. It shall be interdisciplinary, combining the approaches of Constitutional Law and Legal Theory, Political Science, and Legal Anthropology.

The Summer School consists of four parts: 

● Part I introduces students to the fundamental questions of Constitutional Theory focusing on the concept of a constitution, constitutional design, constitutional culture and identity and various forms and contexts of a constitutional change.
● Part II explores the tendencies and dynamics of constitutional reforms in the EaP and CEE regions with a specific focus on constitutional reforms in Armenia.
● Part III pays attention to the principles of the Rule of Law and Good Governance, the practice of their implementation and their role in shaping the constitutional landscapes in the societies in transition. The focus is on the judiciary and anti-corruption reforms.
● Part IV, finally, explores the influences of external actors on the process of constitutional transformation in the EaP and CEE countries.

The Summer School will consist of interactive, discussion-based seminars, alongside meetings with local stakeholders involved in the constitutional reform process in Armenia as well as visits to Armenian government and judicial institutions. Participants will also be expected to conduct a group research project, where they will produce an analysis of the most recent constitutional developments in Armenia or another Eastern Partnership country.

Participants will receive a Certificate of Participation and 3 ECTS points. 

The Summer School is aimed at students (advanced Bachelor, Master or PhD) of the following disciplines:

● Law
● Political Science
● Sociology
● International Relations
● (Eastern) European Studies

Participation Fee: 500 EUR

Participants from Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova & Ukraine) can apply for a tuition fee waiver.

For six successful applicants from German universities, DAAD will provide partial scholarships covering:

● residence expenses
● travel expenses (based on country rates)
● tuition fee 

To apply, fill in the application form here. Please attach your CV and motivation letter (in one PDF file). 

Application deadline: 15.05.2021

The deadline for the Summer School has been extended until 15 July.

Financial support is available to citizens of Eastern Partnership countries. All applicants can apply for a tuition fee waiver/reduction.

The deadline for DAAD scholarships for German participants has now passed. Thank you to those who applied!

The lectures of the School will be taught by the core faculty (CIdS BSU) and established guest speakers (scholars and practitioners).

Core Faculty:



Dr. Anna Khvorostiankina - Associate Professor of Law at the UNESCO Chair on Human Rights, Democracy and Political Science, Director of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies, BSU



Thomas Barrett, Research Fellow at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies, Graduate of the University of Oxford


About the University:

Founded in 1935 as an institution for pedagogical training for language specialists, Brusov State University became the centre of foreign language education in Soviet Armenia. In the early 2000s, the university introduced numerous Social Science disciplines including Political Science, International Relations and European Studies. More information can be found here:https://brusov.am/en/page_list/history/#sthash.K8Rjnu5w.dpbs.

Program (provisional):





● Welcome, opening of the Summer School & introduction of staff & participants

● Seminar 1: Introduction to Constitutional Theory

● Evening activity: Walking tour of Yerevan



● Seminar 2: Constitution-making & constitutional design

● Afternoon activity: visit to the History Museum of Armenia



● Seminar 3: Constitutional change, moments & revolutions

● Visit to the National Assembly of Armenia (subject to confirmation)



● Seminar 4: Constitutional reforms in the Eastern Partnership countries

● Seminar 5: Constitutional reforms in the post-Soviet space: the case of Armenia

● Visit to Ministry of Justice (subject to confirmation)



● Seminar 6: The concept of the Rule of Law & its role in constitutional transformation

● Meeting with a representative of the expert community

● Evening activity: visit to the Armenian Genocide Museum



● Visit to the Matenadaran (the Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts)



● Trip to Vagharshapat to visit Etchmiadzin Cathedral & Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin



● Seminar 7: Developing Good Governance & strengthening the Rule of Law: Anti-corruption & judicial reforms in the post-Soviet space (case-studies)

● Group work: Analysing recent constitutional developments in Armenia

● Visit to the Constitutional Court of Armenia



● Seminar 8: Constitutional transformations and the influence of external actors

● Group activity: writing an analysis of  recent constitutional developments in Armenia



● Seminar 9: The processes of Europeanisation & the constitutional orders of EaP countries

● Visit to the EU Delegation to Armenia (subject to confirmation)



● Seminar 10: Armenia’s constitutional order between two regional integration projects

● Group work: preparing presentation on the analysis of recent constitutional developments in Armenia



● Group presentations on the recent constitutional developments in Armenia

● Concluding Discussion: The future of Constitutional Transformation

● Closing of the Summer School

● Evening activity: social event


Dr. Anna Khvorostiankina, e-mail: cids.bsu@gmail.com, tel: +374 91 620690.