Career Center Specialist

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Ani Hovsepyan
Career Center Specialist
As the Career Center Specialist, Ani Hovsepyan is responsible for the administrative work of the center, student services and counselling. Ani Hovespyan is a PhD Researcher at the BSU Chair on Education Management and Planning, “Career Guidance in the Management in Higher Education: Pedagogical Aspects” at BRUSOV YSULS. For 20 months (2015-2017) she has been conducted her Research at the CITY College, International Faculty of the University of Sheffield, Thessaloniki, Greece. Research interests are education management, career orientation, project planning and management. 
Ani Hovsepyan is a lecturer and is delivering Career Planning and Management” course at the BSU Chair on Education Management and Planning.  She provides various trainings and seminars for the University students and graduates (How to apply for a job, How to pass a job interview, How to write CV, Motivation, Cover Letters, Entrepreneurial Skills, Problem-Based Learning, etc.).
Ani Hovsepyan has been actively involved in a number of international projects and initiatives, e.g. Erasmus Mundus, Youth in Action, Erasmus +, Tempus, ECADOC, IAEVG, etc.