Armenia - An Open Air Museum

Armenia is famous for its centuries-old history and culture. It is the first country to adopt Christianity as a state religion. Armenia attracts tourists and visitors with its unique nature, landscape, mild weather, delicious and varied food and most importantly with its hospitable and warm people. The climate is temperate, summers are hot and dry, and winters are mostly mild. Armenia is one of the safest and the most peaceful countries in the world. Armenian cuisine is diverse and meets the expectations any person’s taste preferences.

➢ The national currency of the Republic of Armenia is Dram (AMD).
➢ For exchange you can visit the website of the Central Bank of Armenia
➢ Online payment systems are everywhere, especially in supermarkets.
➢ Opening a bank account takes from 3 days up to 1 week. The most famous banks in Armenia are Ameriabank, Inecobank, Ardshinbank, Acba Bank, ID Bank:

Where to go?


The city of Dilijan is located in Dilijan National Park and is full of forested valleys, mountains and alpine meadows, that is why it is often called "Armenian Switzerland". Near the city Lake Parz, Haghartsin and Goshavank are located. Haghartsin is one of the most remarkable samples of medieval Armenian architecture, and Goshavank is one of the religious-educational ones.

Jermuk and Stepanavan are known as resort towns for their rich nature. Lake Sevan is called the pearl of Armenia and for lovers of active recreation Tsaghkadzor, which is famous for its ropeway and skiing slops, is the best place. The Wings of Tatev in Syunik region, is the longest ropeway in the world.

Pink Yerevan with its Shades

The capital of Armenia, Yerevan, is one of the oldest cities in the world, whose name comes from the Urartian region, the fortress city of Erebuni. Yerevan is also called "Pink City", because the buildings are made of tufa stone. Yerevan is a modern and dynamic city. Yerevan is a modern and dynamic city which gives its visitors all the opportunities to live, study, work and lead a creative life. It stands out for the quality of the service sector, as well as its availability and affordability. Yerevan's colorful cafes, restaurants, entertainment places will not leave anyone indifferent.

For more information about Yerevan, visit the Yerevan Municipality official website.

City map

Entertainment in Yerevan

Matenadaran: To get a better insight into the ancient Armenian history, you should visit one of the richest treasures of ancient books and manuscripts in the world, the Matenadaran Museum of Manuscripts.


The Cascade: One of the most famous places in Yerevan connects the city center with the vicinity of the Victory Park and the Monument via a huge staircase. The Cafesjian Museum of Art represents leading tendencies of contemporary art. It was founded by American-Armenian businessman Gerard Cafesjian and presents his collection of contemporary art.

The Saint Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral: The church symbolizing the 1700th anniversary of the adoption of Christianity in Armenia is located right in the center of the city.



First Aid

➢ Police 1-02
➢ Ambulance 1-03
➢ General emergency 911 


Online Supermarkets / Online Delivery (24/7)

➢ Supermarket.am
➢ Sas.am
➢ Menu.am
➢ Buy.am

Yerevan Transport

Yerevan has a one-way metro, as well as buses, trolleybuses and minibuses. A taxi that can be booked online is a convenient and accessible means of transport that works after midnight. While living in Yerevan, you can use Yerevan's official touristic "Yerevan Card", which gives free access to museums, places of entertainment, excursions, free use of public transport.

Urban transport.Yerevan Metro




BSU’s Overview

Brusov State University was founded in 1935. BSU has 4 faculties:

➢ Social Sciences and Service (SSS)
➢ Translation and International Communication (TIC)
➢ Russian and Foreign languages (RFL)
➢ Education and Professional Pedagogy (EPP)

BSU has a dormitory for international as well as Armenian students, which is located in Yerevan, H. Emin St 123.

There is a First Aid center in BSU. Tel.  +374 60 830 111 (2-08)   E-mail:  usmas@brusov.am

BSU library, founded in 1935, enables BSU students to access research information resources

Tel. +374 60 830 111 (3-09).

Email: headlibrary@brusov.am.

Reading hall online registration link: https://brusov.am/hy/page_list/arcanc_grancum_yntercasrah/#sthash.iOrqn2jd.dpbs.

Online book order link: https://brusov.am/hy/page_list/arcanc_patver_1/#sthash.5zVjghnb.dpbs.

Brusov Museum with its rich collection collaborates with the Google Cultural Institute, and the museum's virtual collections are available on Google's digital arts and culture platform.

For more information about studying in Armenia, visit Study in Armenia website.