University Continuing Education


The Department of University Continuing Education (UCE) is one of the structural units of BSU, which aims to meet the educational and professional requirements of different groups of society.


  • To offer training courses of different terms and purposes to the socity and to run them continuously;
  • To organize professional training courses for both BSU academic staff and employees of other institutions;
  • To establish scientific-educational relationships with the corresponding units of educational institutions providing additional and continuing education in Armenia and abroad;
  • To implement research in continuing education and participate in national and international conferences and similar events.

In a rapidly developing and changing world, it is crucial to ensure the continuing nature of education, the availability of professional trainings and the formation of additional competences.

The Department offers both accelerated and long-term, as well as short-term and intensive additional educational programs and courses, and a variety of professional trainings.

The Department of University Continuing Education offers foreign language courses for the following levels:

A1 /Beginner/ - 24 hours

A2 /Elementary/ - 24 hours

B1 /Pre-intermediate/ - 32 hours

B2 /Intermediate/ - 40 hours

C1 /Upper Intermediate/ - 48 hours

C2 /Professional/ - 48 hours

Foreign Languages offered:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Greek
  • Arabic
  • Farsi
  • Russian
  • Armenian








Training Courses:

  • Electronic Teaching Technologies
  • University Quality Assurance Process
  • Human Resource Management
  • Professional and Academic Integrity
  • Computer skills (beginner)
  • Computer skills (advanced)
  • Training for Librarians
  • Teacher training

Additionally, The Department of University Continuing Education has been conducting university entrance training courses of Armenian, Russian and French for EU Delegation staff in Armenia since 2014.


Head of Department: Manik Vazgen Kocharyan

Tel: +374 60 830 111 (2-69)


Specialist: Armine Babken Hovhannisyan