BSU Student Council

Founded in September 1997, the BSU Student Council is a voluntary student organization, a self-governing and elective representative body for learners.

The goals of the Student Council are:

  • to protect students’ interests and rights, ensure students' participation in university governance, and address student-related issues to relevant university management units;
  • to take part in the development and implementation of the programs targeted at boosting the effectiveness of the academic process;
  • to inform students about their own rights and responsibilities. The Council ensures students’ participation in the university governance /25% of the members of the university management bodies are students/;
  • to unite students of BSU in various student unions, such as committees, clubs, groups, etc. As well as coordinate their activities, promote a favorable environment contributing to their scientific, educational, spiritual, cultural, creative and physical development;
  • to support the improvement of students' social status, to provide leisure and recreation time.

Council Management Board:

General Assembly



The General Assembly of BSU Student Council is the supreme governing body of the Council, and is elected on the principle of students’ partial shift.

The BSU Student Council Presidency comprises the Council President, Faculty Presidents, Standing Committee Presidents and the Secretary.

The President of the Student Council is elected in the elections organized by the Election Committee as a result of students’ direct voting, by a secret ballot, for a term of two years. Upon the expiration of his/her term of office or in case of graduation the President shall resign.

The Council issues its own “Polyglot” Student Magazine, which covers the activities of the Council and the events taking place in the university.

Standing Units of the Student Council

Faculty Student Councils


Magazine Editorial Unit

Standing and Ad Hoc Units of the Student Council

Committee on Culture and Sports

Committee on Improving Education Quality

Committee on Public Relations and Information

Legal-Economic Committee

Student Council Clubs

Debate Club

Kaleidoscope Literary Club

Catharine Bazeyan
Chairman of the Student Council
Tel. +374 60 830 111 (2-68)