Staff Management and Development Department

Staff Management and Development Department

Objective: Organising activities jointly with the Education Department, Dean’s offices, Chairs and other units and subdivisions to organize the personnel policy of the University.


  • handling with staff recruitment, dissmisal and vacation issues, staff contracts and agreements;
  • providing plastic cards for entering/leaving the University, registering disability references and dissmisal papers, supervising work discipline;
  • coordinating information on human resources, running staff databases;
  • cooperating with other subdivisions to implement analysis of staff needs;
  • maintaining students' personal files, fill out, update, coordinate and archive documents;
  • cooperating with the RA Military Commissariats;
  • preparing and maintening student registration books,
  • preparing and providing diplomas and their copies to University graduates.

The Department of University Continuing Education is a subdivision of Staff Management and Development Department.


Head of the Staff Management and Development Department

Kristine Lavrent Naghdalyan

Ph: 011 300 111 (2-90)




Head of the Staff Management and Development Department-
Kristine Lavrent Naghdalyan

Senior Specialist: Larisa Ivan Yeghiyan

Senior Specialist: Mery Nikolay Mar (2-17) (2-17)

Specialist: Arevik Meruzhan Hayrapetyan (2-17)