Scientific Council

About Scientific Council

  1. The Scientific Council of BSU is a collegial body that discusses and adopts decisions on organizing, planning and coordinating the teaching-methodological and scientific-research activities of BSU.
  2. Decisions adopted by the Scientific Council are binding on all university units, faculty councils, employees and students.
  3. The Scientific Council's term of office is limited to five years.
  4. The Chairman of the Scientific Council is the Rector.
  5. The Secretary of the Scientific Council is Science Secretary of BSU.

Functions of the Scientific Council are:

1) to approve its Regulations;

2) to submit proposals to the Board of Trustees on creating, reorganizing and dissolving structural units;

3) to discuss and adopt decisions on the BSU admissions according to the academic programs, within the scope of the overall number allocated;

4) to approve Structural Unit Charters (including exemplary Charter), main activities of BSU and its Structural Units, as well as approve other internal legal acts regulating the educational process;

5) to discuss and approve academic programs;

6) to discuss areas of the scientific activities of the University; to hear reports on the results of the most important scientific research and methodological works carried out in BSU;

7) to adopt decisions on granting Honorary Titles, awards, nominal and other scholarships, BSU medals, decisions on nominating candidates for national and international awards and titles, giving names to auditoriums and subdivisions;

8) to approve the results and policy of the elections of Faculty Deans, Heads of Chairs, Lecturers, Professors, Associate Professors and other elective positions;

9) to award academic ranks; to approve the results of the competitions for the vacancies of Faculty Deans, Heads of Chairs and academic staff;

10) to submit motions that correspond to BSU activity areas, goals and objectives, to the authorized body on the main areas of BSU activities, including proposals on introducing and applying new academic programs;

11) to discuss BSU Annual Income and Expenditure Execution Report and Draft Budget to submit motions on the draft to the Rector;

12) to review and recommend the publication of monographs, textbooks, manuals, handbooks and other materials.

13) if necessary, to establish permanent and ad hoc committees under the Scientific Council; to define their structure, work order and policy of membership;

14) to discuss and approve the amount of tuition fees per profession.

Total number of the members of the Scientific Council shall not exceed 60, out of which at least 50% should be elected. 

  • Ex officio members of the Scientific Council are the Rector who is the Chairman of the Scientific Council, Vice-Rectors, Head of the Financial Department, Science Secretary, Head of the Education Department, Faculty Deans, Heads of Chairs, President of Trade Union, Head of Library, as well as elective members.
  • Candidates for elective members of the Scientific Council are proportionally nominated and elected by BSU Chairs and scientific-educational centers, according to the Unit Charters.
  • 25% of the members of the Scientific Council are students who are elective members.
  • The Scientific Council exercises its powers through regular and extraordinary sessions.
  • The Scientific Council sessions are prepared by its Chairman and Secretary.
  • The Scientific Council sessions are presided by the BSU In case of his/her absence, the session is chaired by one of the BSU Vice-Rectors as instructed by the Rector.

Members of the Scientific Council