Science Secretary

Position Purpose:

Science Secretary shall ensure functioning of BSU scientific-educational system and governing bodies, as well as shall implement other scientific-educational tasks required by the job description of Science Secretary.


  1. organize scientific-educational activities, activities aimed at increasing the efficiency of scientific research and methodological works at BSU;
  2. ensure implementation of lawful decisions and assignments by BSU governing bodies and one's direct supervisor;
  3. organize and coordinate sittings of BSU Board of Trustees, Scientific Council and Rectorate, draft decisions and protocols;
  4. supervise the implementation of the decisions by the Board of Trustees, Scientific Council and Rectorate;
  5. prepare draft projects of the scientific works to be submitted to the Scientific Council for approval;
  6. coordinate the thematic research plans carried out by BSU Chairs and Scientific-Educational Centers, oversee the annual research plans;
  7. design and approve the packages of candidates to be granted an academic degree;
  8. examine materials and documents on granting academic titles (professor, associate professor) and present them to the Scientific Council for discussions; draft the decision on granting an academic title; assigned by the Scientific Council prepare and submit the package of a candidate deserving an academic title to the RA Higher Qualification Committee;
  9. draft and submit proposals on publishing manuals, supporting materials for textbooks and scientific collections developed by BSU academic staff to the Scientific Council;
  10. supervise and implement the technical editing of the scientific works published by "Lingua" Publishing House;
  11. coordinate and supervise the editorial-publishing activities of BSU scientific journals;
  12. report on scientific and teaching-methodological activities (article, monograph, manual, etc.);
  13. develop an annual report on BSU scientific performance based on the reports of relevant units;
  14. coordinate activities related to the implementation of conferences, scientific seminars and other scientific events organized at BSU;
  15. approve various documents related to the scientific performance (lists of scientific works, opinions of supervisors or chair lecturers, recommendations by the chairs, etc.);
  16. maintain protocols and decisions of BSU Board of Trustees, minutes of the Scientific Council and Rectorate, approved charters, rules, regulations and other documents;
  17. implement professional consulting activities;
  18. ensure cooperative work between BSU Science Department and other units;
  19. coordinate scientific-educational activities, initiate and hold consultations on organizational and scientific activities;
  20. supervise timely and quality execution of tasks within his/her competence;
  21. sign and approve documents within the scope of his/her competence;
  22. within his/her competence, make inquiries about the necessary information from units, receive relevant documents and carry out analysis;
  23. implement other scientific-educational activities defined by BSU internal legal acts.

As of 2014, Hasmik Pilavjyan has been BSU Science Secretary.

Science Secretary
Tel. (+374 10) 522 020(205)