Science Department of BSU

Goals of Science Department

The goal of the Science Department is to coordinate the implementation and organization of the University's scientific-educational activities; to create conditions for developing its scientific potential.

Main functions of the Science Department are as follows:

  1. developing legal grounds to ensure implementation of scientific-educational activities;
  2. organizing and coordinating scientific-research and scientific-methodological activities;
  3. creating organizational and legal grounds to create and develop science schools and directions of the University;
  4. ensuring effective functioning of the system that trains highly qualified academic staff;
  5. coordinating young scholars’ scientific-educational activities; organizing the effective work of Young Scientists Council;
  6. coordinating students research and scientific activities, organizing the effective work of Student Scientific Society;
  7. expanding and enhancing international, inter-university scientific-educational cooperation;
  8. ensuring effective participation of the academic staff in international, national and inter-university conferences, scientific seminars and other events.

Science Department Staff