Professional Council of Slavic Languages N059

ԺԳ. 00.02 Profession of Teaching and Upbringing Methodology/ Russian Language / Pedagogical Sciences with the following staff:

Ժ. 02.04 Profession of Slavic Languages / Philology/ with the following staff:

  1. Allow the Council of Slavic Languages to organize doctoral and PhD theses defense within the following professions of the Scientific Awards List of Armenia.
  • Ժ.02.04 - Slavic Languages - Philological Sciences
  • ԺԳ.00.02 - Teaching and Upbringing Methodology/ Russian Language/ - Pedagogical Sciences.
  1. According to the Order N259Ա dated 30/12/2019 and approved by the RA HQC, the term of activity of the 059 Professional Council has been extended to December 31, 2020.

The Council consists of the following staff:

  1. Anaida Yakov Khachikyan, Chairman, Doctor of Philological Sciences
  2. Inna Robert Sargsyan, Deputy Chairman, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences
  3. Davit Onik Gharibyan, Scientific Secretary, Doctor of Philological Sciences
  4. Liana Beniamin Matevosyan, Doctor of Philological Sciences
  5. Veronika Nikita Harutyunyan, Doctor of Philological Sciences
  6. Ruzanna Ruben Grdzelyan, Doctor of Philological Sciences
  7. Vagharshak Varuzhan Madoyan, Doctor of Philological Sciences
  8. Naira Ignatios Martirosyan, Candidate of Philological Sciences
  9. Karen Suren Hakobyan, Candidate of Philological Sciences

BSU 059 Professional Council will host Anna Martiros Khizantsyan for her PhD Thesis defense on the topic of “Lexical and Grammatical Peculiarities of the Russian Literary Language of the First Third of XVIII Century (Based on the Material of I.T. Pososhkov’s Works)” at 13:30, September 8 of this year.

The abstract of the dissertation can be found here.