External Affairs and International Cooperation Department (EAIC)

EAIC Department promotes the internationalization of BSU education services, supports the establishment of relations with international and foreign organizations and target groups to increase the visibility of BSU and recruit new students.

EAIC Department establishes contacts with the Diaspora in the fields of education, science and culture, as well as supports the implementation of joint programs aiming at the promotion of research and innovation with the inclusion of the  potential of BSU’s teaching staff and students.

EAIC Department enhances  the international mobility of students and academic staff to promote the exchange of experience, by means of  short- and long-term learning, research, andinternships.

Our functions:

  • Coordinate the implementation of the commitments undertaken by BSU in the field of external affairs and international cooperation;
  • Cooperate with universities and scientific centers corresponding to the priorities of BSU for the establishment of continuous cooperation; 
  • Develop a strategy for the university’s internationalization according to BSU’s priorities;
  •  Organize the process of obtaining temporary residence cards for students and academic staff with foreign citizenship, following the established procedure;
  • Coordinate international mobility programs for the academic staff, students, and researchers; Coordinate the activities related to the official visits of BSU’ staff as well as foreign delegations; 
  • Use different ways and means of information dissemination to provide information, clarifications, and suggestions about the international programs for BSU’s students, academic and administrative staff. 

 You can receive information on our specialists and their contacts here.