About us

What we are doing at the External Affairs and International Cooperation Department?

 ⇒ Do you want to receive information on mobility programmes, studying or having an internship abroad? Then you should visit the External Affairs and International Cooperation Department. Here you will get a consultation not only on the running programmes, but also studying in a foreign country in general.

⇒ Thus, our main mission is: 

Promoting and strengthening the international cooperation and visibility of the YSULS, ensuring the communication with the society at large, local and foreign institutions, promote student mobility and scientific-educational cooperation.

Dear student, you are already the student of YSULS, then you can be awarded with the title of YSULS Ambassador.

Please get acquainted with the details of the programme following the link: Become an YSULS Ambassador.

You can receive information on our team here: Our Team.

Head of External Affairs and International Cooperation
Tel. +374 11 300 111 / 206
E.mail` head_intrel@brusov.am