Brusov State University is one of the best higher education institutions in Armenia and in the region providing education in Linguistics and Social Sciences. Our University encourages all foreign students to study here as one of our most important missions is to provide cross-cultural communication and to create multilingual and multicultural environment through linguistic diversity.

Making the decision to study at YSULS will be the right and worthy one, since we offer you a number of opportunities:

⇒ Europe integrated higher education system

⇒ Study programs measured in ECTS

⇒ Variety of courses provided in English and Russian

⇒ Lecturers from all over the world: USA, Germany, France, China, India, Iran, Georgia, Russia, Korea

⇒ Unique chance to get to know Armenia with its marvelous capital Yerevan.

 Here are 7 reasons you should not miss your chance to visit Armenia:

  1. Explore the First Christian Country in the World
  2. Visit Yerevan, the City Older than Rome
  3. Feel the Real Hospitality in Armenia and taste the most delicious Armenian Cuisine
  4. Take a ride on the Wings of Tatev – The Longest Ropeway in the world
  5. See the Biblical mountain Ararat
  6. Take part in Armenian festivals: “Festival of Gata”, “Dolma Festival”, “Barbeque, Art and Music Festival”, “Areni Wine Festival”, “Vardavar”.
  7.  Enjoy affordable prices: You don’t need to have tons of money to visit Armenia. Unlike U.S. and several European countries, the low prices of transportation, food, healthcare, hotels and apartments alone make this country a real paradise.

For more information please visit: Information for international applicants