Directions of International Cooperation

Internationalization is one of the top strategic priorities of the BSU, aimed at improving and enhancing the educational and research quality through effective cooperation with the leading higher education institutions (HEIs) . It also aims to create a favorable environment for intercultural dialogue, by providing new opportunities for the BSU students, administrative  and academic staff to participate in the international mobility programs, as well as increasing BSU’s competitiveness at national and international levels.

BSU has more than 125 agreements, contracts, memoranda with the leading HEIs and international institutions, as well as with local and international organizations covering a wide geographical scope.

The internationalization processes of the BSU are diverse and multi-sectoral and include the complex procedures, which are as follows:

  • Capacity-building projects;
  • Outbound and Inbound Mobility programs;
  • Participation in reforms of the European Higher Education Area;
  • Membership in international networks and educational associations;
  • Organizing international conferences and events;
  • Sustained and continuous cooperation with international and local partners;
  • Defining of target partners;
  • Admission of international students;
  • Development of professional education programs in foreign languages;
  • Conducting of international standardized tests of foreign languages;
  • Ensuring long-term and short-term employment of foreign lecturers and researchers;
  • Close cooperation with embassies and delegations, etc.

The internationalization policy and strategic goals of BSU are aimed at expanding external relations and implementing international processes.