General Department

Objective: BSU administrative service, efficient organization and supervision of document circulation, application of a uniform procedure.


  • receiving, registering and transferring documents to the relevant units;
  • maintaining original hard copies of the orders and intrsutions signed by the Rector, and those of the inbound documents;
  • submitting documents to the units electronically or in copies;
  • formulating inbound and outbound correspondence, organizing internal administration;
  • coordinating activities with mail and courier services;
  • ensuring implementation of the instructions vis-a-vis inbound correspondence, letters, instructions and other documents transmitted to the Department by the Rector;
  • coordinating the process of filing archive documents, preserving and using archive collection documents, submitting state-protected documents to the National Archives of the Republic of Armenia, responding to inquiries on archival cases, providing copies of archive references and documents;
  • carrying out other functions within its competence and instructed by BSU Rector.