What is Edu2Work platform

Edu2Work is a platform designed in response to the rapidly changing labour market and continuous mismatch between the demand and supply of workforce in Armenia.

The platform brings insights from the analysis of thousands of job postings and helps to get a better understanding of the Armenian labour market, so that everyone can make informed career choices. The platform is coupling innovative technologies such as scraping online job postings from a wide variety of commercial websites and analysing it through machine learning technology to bring you the best labor market data available.

Who is this platform for?

“Edu2Work” platform was co-designed together with our stakeholders and with 3 main groups of users in mind:

  • Students and career navigators
  • Policymakers and researchers
  • Universities and other educational institutions




Students and career navigators can use this AI-powered platform to:

  • Get better at understanding the labor market trends and finding the perfect fit for their career
  • Browse the professions currently in-demand
  • Identify the skills that will help them enter the job market
  • Find guidance on active job postings aligned with their skills and experience
  • Spot transferable skills to transition from one career to another

How to navigate through the platform?

Don’t know where to start? We have done the heavy lift for you and brought you the world of labor market by creating various sections. On this platform, you can get a snapshot of the segment of the labor market reflected in online job announcements. By clicking on the “Go to the Dashboard” button you can deep dive into the labor market trends. By clicking on the yellow "Go to the dashboard" button on the landing page of the Edu2Work platform, you will get access to the operational part of the website.

In this section of the website, you can see the development of the job market over the years, based on the insights from all online vacancies, as well as the current number of active announcements. By clicking on the yellow “Active Announcements” button, you get access to the links of the job search sites based on the number of announcements.

By browsing this section of the website, you can see the following data on the current job market:

  • most demanded professions
  • most demanded professional and soft skills
  • most demanded education level
  • most demanded work experience
  • a list of top employers that frequently have job openings as well as top industries
  • job density trends across regions via heatmap

You can filter the data and export it as a PDF or Microsoft Excel file.

Other sections of the platform:

  1. Analysis by professions: An in-depth analysis of localized labor market through the prism of the most demanded professions and related skills, education, and experience levels.
  2. Skills Analysis: Insights on the demand for specific essential and professional skills. A helpful section for those planning to transition from one career to another.
  3. Industry Analysis: An insightful digest of top industries and employers and the professions and skills that are most demanded here.
  4. Forecast: Here you can see the forecast of the top growing and declining professions and skills in the job market based on online job postings. This section can help you understand the future trends of the job market and make appropriate decisions.
  5. Your place in the Labour Market: By selecting the skills, level of education, and work experience, you can see the links to the websites that have relevant job vacancies.

Edu2work — labour market navigation made simple.

Let’s explore labour market together:

Edu2work project

Edu2work platform is one of the components of the Edu2work project, which was created in response to a chronic mismatch between the demand and supply of workforce in Armenia. The project aims at realizing the full potential of data and behavioral insights to ensure evidence-based policy making for bridging the gap between education and labour market. The overarching goal of the project is to reduce youth unemployment by helping people make more informed career choices and better prepare for the job market.

The project is part of a bigger umbrella initiative of the RA Deputy Prime Minister’s office called Work Armenia. The findings of the project will serve as policy recommendations to contribute to the Government’s policy development and implementation efforts.

Edu2Work project is implemented by the Armenia National SDG Innovation Lab in partnership with the Institute of Public Policy (IPP)․ This project is funded This project was funded with UK aid from the UK Government.

In case of questions feel free to contact the SDG Innovation Lab team: