The rapidly changing and globalised world requires a new type of professionals to respond to new challenges. To be effectively resolved, contemporary problems must be approached comprehensively. From future professionals, this demands the inter- and cross-disciplinary knowledge and competences, as well as the skills of cooperation with peers from other professional fields, both locally and internationally. From higher education systems, this demands a new approach to curriculum development and teaching methodology.

Responding to this demand and employing the innovative teaching approaches, every academic year, CIdS offers original inter- and multidisciplinary courses to the students of BSU and a broader community of learners. The courses are offered in the following fields:

  • Area Studies (European, East European, Eurasian and Asian Studies)
  • Education
  • International Cooperation and Regional Integration Processes
  • Law in Context
  • Legal Studies and Arts and Humanities
  • Linguistics and Communication
  • Social Sciences in a Dialogue with Arts, Literature and Philosophy
  • Society and Technology
  • Transitology (legal, political, social and economic contexts of changes in societies in transition)

In addition, CIdS regularly organises courses and single teaching sessions on research methodology (CIdS Research Academy).

In 2020-2021, the following courses are offered:

  • Seminar in Anti-Corruption Studies (Spring semester)
  • Law in Art and Art in Law (Spring semester)
  • Languages and Language Rights: Identities, Legislation and Policy (A European Perspective) (Spring semester)

Enrolment starts on 1 September 2020.