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The study room of V. Brusov’s creative heritage, at present referred to as Brusov Science Center, has long ago become a recognized center, which is coordinating the work of scientists in Brusov Studies.
The center was established in 1962 when the Institute was named after V. Brusov, who had considerable contribution to the popularization of Armenian poetry in the times of terrible ordeals of Armenian people on the verge of extermination.
During the years of existence significant scientific and priceless bibliographic data has so far been collected in the center, which include Brusov’s sourcebooks, microfilms, photocopies representing the poet’s creative study, as well as the epistolary archive (the poet’s correspondence with eminent literature and cultural figures of Europe and Armenia), a collection of notes on Brusov’s sourcebooks and translated poetry, and many other valuable resources. The center possesses almost all of the intravital and modern editions of Brusov’s works, many of which are considered to be bibliographic rarity. All resources of the Brusov Science Center Fund are carefully stored, classified and processed.
The center also houses the editions of works of Russian poets and writers- contemporaries of V. Brusov (A. Beli, I. Balmont, I. Severyanin, F. Sologuba, V. Khodasevich, L. Andreev, V. Ivanov, and many others). A wide range of critical writings on the works of Brusov and other representatives of the Russian literature of the beginning of the 20thcentury is represented in the center.    
The center disposes social-political, literary-critical and fiction journals of the period (“Mir Iskusstva”, “Russkaya Misl”, “Appolon”, and etc.), which are the relic of the center, among which is the complete collection of “Vesi” journal from the personal library of the poet, that was contributed to the center by the relatives of V. Brusov.
The fund of the center, extensive fiction and critical literature, valuable bibliographic resources provide ample opportunity for conducting study. Staff members, students and faculties of YSLU and other educational and scientific institutions of the Republic of Armenia, as well as many other overseas countries make extensive use of the mentioned resources and literature. The center organizes special courses and workshops on Brusov Studies and the “Silver Age” of the Russian literature.
One of the key themes of study for the Armenian scientists is “Brusov and Armenian Culture”. The Center houses photos, microfilms bearing a relation to the history of publication of V. Brusov’s anthology “Poetry of Armenia”. The fund holds the first edition of the mentioned volume- an effort in which Brusov involved other poets, his most prominent contemporaries. The copy with editing done by Brusov himself, the microfilm of the original copy of Brusov’s priceless work “The Chronicles of Historical Fate of the Armenian People”, which is the result of his profound exploration of the history and literature of Armenia can also be found in the Center. Resources comprise books with dedicatory inscriptions of the authors donated to Brusov by Armenian poets, writers, historians and literary critics.