BSU Ambassador's Program

The Student Ambassador (SA) program at the BSU is a new program which delegates the authority to the BSU students to present the University abroad, on local and international fairs, to international students by promoting and spreading information on the academic culture, study programs of the University and the country. So, as a current student at BSU you are one of our most important representatives abroad.

A BSU Ambassador is a student who has a passion for the instutution and the country and is excited to promote and communicate the amazing opportunities at the BSU and exploring one of the oldest civilisations. The title of the BSU Ambassador has very high esteem which is also a source of self-enrichment.

The mission of the BSU Ambassador is to provide the best student representation for future and current students, as well as alumni of the BSU community, while also developing student leadership opportunities and skills.

So, what is expected?

During your time abroad, you may be asked to give a presentation about BSU or even to represent the University at a Study Abroad fair at the partner university.Your role is the most important to inspire prospective exchange students to come to BSU. Exchange students contribute to the international profile of BSU, which is an important part of making this University one of the best.

Your main mission would be promoting study and living in Armenia. If your audience during fairs and/or presentations has questions you are uncertain about, please collect the questions and their respective contacts, and the Department of Public Affairs and International Cooperation Department will get directly back to you.

Potential activities might include:

  • Hosting and attending educational events for prospective international students
  • High school presentations
  • High school expos
  • International Education Fairs
  • Sharing experiences at the annual Careers, Conferences, Festivals and Education Expos
  • Serving as University hosts to prospective and future international students
  • Running Student Ambassador Blog for prospective international students
  • Lifestyle in Yerevan
  • Armenia: Culture and Traditions
  • Finding a Job Back at Home or Abroad
  • A tour of Dorm – Life in Campus
  • Things to do: a weekend in Armenia
  • Other

What you will gain:

  • Certificate of the Ambassador of BSU
  • Networking with international students and academic community
  • Polishing your communication and presentation skills
  • Access to the study and job opportunities
  • You can be recommended by the BSU Leadership for prosperous study abroad or job.

How to become the BSU Ambassador?

All you should do is apply to us by presenting your motivation to participate in the program. What will matter? Academic achievement, positive attitude, a sincere desire to represent BSUS to international community, passion to the University and the country will matter. International students are welcome to participate in the BSU Ambassador program.

Still have a question?

We are here to answer to your questions. Please, contact us at or In the subject line please mention “A question on BSU Ambassador”.