Activities and the Goals of the Graduates Association

The Graduates Association of Brusov State University was founded in 2007. The mission of the Association is to establish long-term relationships between the Brusov State University and its graduates.

The Association has support and honorary membership. Association members are BSU graduates, University staff members with at least 5 years’ work experience, who are citizens of Republic of Armenia, and other Armenian or foreign citizens ready to support the University and participate in its activities. Support members are those non-graduates who wish to support and contribute to the implementation of the University’s educational-scientific programs. Anyone can provide the Association with considerable intellectual, advisory, moral and financial assistance and become an honorary member.
 Goals of the BSU Graduates Association are as follows:   
  • to enforce sustainable relations between the University and its graduates;
  • to promote implementation of educational and scientific programs at BSU;
  • to consider BSU graduates' issues;
  • to share information and experience with similar organizations in the Republic of Armenia and abroad;
  • to support gifted students and junior specialists.
Below you can find the main areas of activity of the Association:  
  • Establishing friendly relations and partnership between students of different departments, enhancing employment opportunities for University graduates;
  • Strengthening technical supply base;
  • Creating favorable conditions to enhance the professional qualification of the graduates, students and lecturers;
  • Purchasing educational-methodological literature, as well as periodical publications for the library;
  • Assisting in the organization of various seminars, workshops, courses and trainings, aimed to boost the students’ and graduates’ self-assertion;
  • Supporting student research;
  • Presenting works at international competitions and exhibitions;
  • Procuring financial support from different organizations;
  • Establishing the database of the University graduates;
  • Promoting research and peer cooperation at the University, to enroll talented youth in the educational system;
  • Organizing student competitions, cultural and sport events;
  • Developing and implementing charitable projects.
The BSU graduates can become members of the Graduates Association by filling in the online registration form. By joining the Association the graduates get information about the University and the Association, events/seminars/conferences/trainings organized by the University and the Association, as well as locally and internationally, job vacancies, volunteering opportunities in Armenia and abroad, scholarships, practical placements/internships and much more.