“SMART Caffe” Entrepreneurship Center

“SMART Caffe” Entrepreneurship Center at Brusov State University (BSU) invites all the interested students and graduates to join the SMART Caffe, be a part of the SMART team, apply and become an entrepreneur. All those who struggle to find a solid idea to transform into a business, or have starting ideas or creative potentials, but lack skills and resources to realize those potentials, or simply need a creative and supporting environment, as well as team, are invited to visit BSU

SMART Caffe.

The SMART Caffe is an open center that welcome students, graduates, teaching and administrative staff.

The core environment provides full hardware and software support, training, mentors and networks for the growth of student ideas. It also improves the educational experience of students in general and prepare them for an active role in the labor market.

Applicants and interested people from outside Brusov State University are also encouraged to join SMART. The requirement is to have at least one BSU student or graduate in the team.

To all the start-ups, SMART Caffe BSU offers:

  • Regular workshops and meetings
  • Co-working space
  • Meeting room
  • Modern facilities
  • Lectures by entrepreneurs and industry experts
  • Mentorship and coaching
  • SMART CAFFES_CHANNEL virtual platform to win the chosen market
  • Access to financial resources
  • Network of students and graduates
  • Nice environment
  • Experienced team
  • Friends and coffee

For additional information and the process of enrollment, please contact:

SMART Caffe of Brusov State University
42 Tumanyan street, Yerevan 0002, Armenia
Mr. Levon Babamyan, Erasmus+ SMART Project Local Coordinator
Tel.: +374 60 830111 (ext. 291)
Mob.: +374 93 555760
Mrs. Ani Hovsepyan, Erasmus+ SMART Project Assistant
Tel.: +374 60 830111 (ext. 291)
Mob.: +374 77 162957