85th anniversary of BSU

Dear alumni and friends,

2020 is a jubilee year for the Brusov State University. It marks the 85th anniversary of the foundation of the university - 85 years that witnessed the victories, achievements, downfalls and, of course, the hardships our country and people have had to endure.

Even today, having switched to the distant mode of work in this current state of emergency, the university successfully manages to overcome all the difficulties caused by the pandemic and continues successfully both its educational and administrative activities.

And despite the difficult days we all have to subsist throughout the epidemic, the university and its alumni have not forgotten the 85th anniversary of their beloved school.

On this beautiful occasion, Brusov State University is launching a video-series called "Our Beloved Graduates" which will present the best wishes of our graduates of different years on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the University's foundation.

The filming was done with the support of the students of Brusov State University.