Faculty of Translation and Intercultural Communication (TIC)

The Faculty aims at preparing professionals with intercultural communication and translation skills.

The main activities of the FTIC target at developing various forms of intercultural and cross-linguistic communication, particularly, building translation and communication competences.

We believe that highly qualified translations and effective communication can contribute to intercultural and international interactions, increase cultural awareness, build tolerance and mutual respect.

The Faculty offers modern academic programs designed for English-Armenian, French-Armenian, German-Armenian, Italian-Armenian, Korean-Armenian and Chinese-Armenian language pairs. Moreover, The Faculty ensures intercultural education by teaching Area Studies of the native countries of the languages studied.

Goals: to provide cross-linguistic and intercultural communication awareness, skills, abilities and competences on the basis of understanding the social and cultural characteristics of the languages studied and the mother tongue.

Mission: to become a national and regional center of excellence for education of translation and theory of translation.

Faculty Achievements:

  • Academic programs are characterized by an excellent combination of modern educational approaches and best academic traditions;
  • The Faculty stands out for providing linguistic and cultural knowledge significant in the use of language during cross-linguistic communication: the profession of a Translator is traditionally practical and in demand due to the communication needs of speakers of different languages;
  • The Faculty ensures an intercultural academic environment: every year native lecturers make their own contribution to the academic process;

The Faculty provides opportunities for the best students to study at leading universities around the world, particularly in Europe.

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Full-Time Education

Translation Studies (French-Armenian, German-Armenian, English-Armenian, Italian-Armenian, Spanish-Armenian, Chinese-Armenian, Korean-Armenian).

Intercultural Communication (English, German, French)

Correspondence Education

Intercultural Communication


Bilingual Translation (French-Armenian, German-Armenian, English-Armenian)

The Faculty consists of:

  1. Chair of English Communication and Translation
    • Translation Lab
  2. Chair of German
  3. Chair of Armenian Studies
  4. Chair of Romance Languages
    • Greek Language and Culture Center
    • Francophone Scientific-Educational Center for Interuniversity Academic Achievement
    • Romanian Language and Culture Center
    • Argentine Culture Center
  5. Scientific-Educational Center for Asian Languages
    • Korean Language and Culture Center
    • Indian Language and Culture Center
    • Laboratory of Chinese Studies


Dean of the Faculty of Translation and Intercultural Communication (TIC) -
Harutyun Aram Tshantshapanyan, PhD, Associate Professor

Deputy Dean – Ashkhen Babayan

Secretaries – Tatevik Asatryan, Suzanna Hambardzumyan, Anush Harutyunyan

Ուսումնական բաժին՝ (+374 11) 300111 (2-09) Ընդհանուր բաժին՝ (+374 11) 300150 (2-22, 2-21, 2-23) Ընդունող հանձնաժողով՝ (+374 10) 520563 (2-87)