Useful Resources

  • Motivation Letter

    Motivation Letter is attached to the CV or the application form for the educational, youth and volunteering projects.

  • Reference Letter

    Reference/recommendation letter is provided by the professors/employers and summarizes, evaluates your knowledge and skills that are relevant for the position/project you apply.

  • Job Interview

    To be invited for a job interview means that the first stage for getting that position/scholarship has been succeeded։ Your CV satisfied almost all the requirements and the success is very close. 

  • Cover Letter

    Very often cover letter is required jointly with the CV. The main purpose of the cover letter is to present yourself, highlight your professional experience, skills and knowledge that can be useful for the position you apply. 

  • Useful Links

    BSU Career Center has greatly valued the increase in the level of competitiveness of its students in the market. To successfully achieve the abovementioned objective, the Center implements a number of strategic projects and events helping the students develop the skills necessary for a successful career. 

    Below a few useful resources are presented that will be useful to structure the above mentioned documents masterly and properly. International youth projects, scholarships, volunteering projects and other possibilities are also presented for your consideration.

  • CV- Curriculum Vitae / Resume

    Curriculum Vitae (CV) is an advertisement tool which presents you and your previous experience and outlines your skills and knowledge.