The University is a warded a prestigious Jean Monnet Erasmus+ Grant!

We are proud to announce that our University has been awarded a prestigious Jean Monnet Erasmus+ grant to implement the Module “Laboratory of Approximation of Armenian Legislation to the EU acquis (Legal Approximation Laboratory)/ LegAL”. The author and academic coordinator of the Module is Dr. Anna Khvorostiankina, UNESCO Chair on Human Rights, Democracy and Political Science. This year, only two Jean Monnet applications in Armenia were selected for funding, which indicates that the selection process was highly competitive.

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Jean Monnet Module “Legal Approximation Laboratory” (LegAL) (2019-2022) was conceived as a hub of knowledge on EU law and methodology of transposition of the EU acquis into domestic legal order. It aims to contribute to the implementation of the EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement (CEPA) by equipping graduates with the relevant knowledge and skills, stimulating academic debate on the issues of legal approximation and providing methodological support to practitioners.

The Module consists of several components:

  1. Legal Approximation Laboratory (LegAL) course offered to students of Law, Political Science, Public Administration, European Studies and other related disciplines and based on the model of a legal clinic. The Course includes:
  2. Theoretical part (sub-courses Issues in EU Law and Theory and Methodology of Legal Approximation) and
  3. Practicum aiming to develop participants’ skills in the areas of law- and policy making;
  4. Annual Summer School addressing specific issues of theory and methodology of approximation to the EU acquis relevant in Armenian context;
  5. Annual Workshops on methodology of legal approximation for practitioners involved in the processes of law- and policy-making and implementation;
  6. Research project “Europeanization of Armenian Legal Order: Challenges and Perspectives”; and
  7. Annual International Roundtables on the issues of legal approximation involving leading scholars and practitioners in the field and open to the public.

The Module starts on 15 October 2019 with the Opening Ceremony “Legal Approximation Laboratory (LegAL): An Innovative Teaching Instrument”.

To get further information about the LegAL course and application procedure click here: or attend the Info Session on 13 September 2019 at 14:00. 


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