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Jean Monnet Module 2016-2019

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"European Integration and EU Values: 
Human Rights, Democracy and The Rule of Law" 
Jean Monnet Module

The YSULS UNESCO Chair on Human Rights, Democracy and European Studies invites you to participate in the course: "European Integration and EU Values: Human Rights, Democracy and The Rule of Law". 

"European Integration and EU Values: Human Rights, Democracy and The Rule of Law" Module intends to provide specialists with in-depth knowledge on diverse aspects of European Integration and EU, covering specific issues, mainstreaming the subjects and activities proposed throughout the curricula. The project aims to involve professionals and other interested people from different universities, state agencies, NGOs, think tanks - providing access for all to the events organized in the framework of the project thus introducing wider public to the issues of European Integration and EU. 


Module: "European Intergration and EU Values: Human Rights, Democracy and The Rule of Law" Module with public lecture-sessions will get together students from different disciplines to investigate the important issues on the themes highlighted in the title with 5 lectures:
  1. European Integration, Identity Issues and Values / Syllabus - Class Timetable /

  2. Democracy: European Standarts and the Development of the Electoral Systems in Armenia and Post-Soviet Space / Syllabus - Class Timetable /

  3. Human Rights and Equality: European Experience and the Armenian Reality / Syllabus - Class Timetable /

  4. Constitutionalism and the Rule of Law / Syllabus - Class Timetable /

  5. The Impact of the European Integration and European Values on State-Building Process: The Case of the Post-Soviet States / Syllabus - Class Timetable/

Public Lectures: The last class of each lecture session will be summed up as a public lecture for wider audience with different guest experts in the field. The guest speakers will present practical perspectives on the subject in focus. Public lecture of each Lecture Session is designed for wider public and the main aim is to keep the focus on the issues of European Integration and EU, enhance public discussions, involve more students, youth in general activities. The formats of the sessions will vary (discussions, public lectures, panels, wrokshops,etc.) depending on the assigned topic and speakers involved. 

Summer Schools: Annual Summer Schools are intended for all interested mid-career professionals, journalists, teachers/lecturers, civil servants. The Schools will provide up-to-date information on the topical issues of EU, as well as EU-Armenia relations; they will be based on theoretical overview of the topic and the development of practical skills. It is expected that the involvement of the civil servants taking part in the decision-making process will increase their awareness of the European integration issues and will help to promote the European standards in Armenia. Journalist will be equipped with knowledge on different aspects of European Studies and will be able to present them in an appropriate approach especially on the issues of European values, while teachers/lecturers will learn some tips and methods how to integrate EU issues in other social sciences disciplines. 

Two of three Summer Schools will present the topical issues discussed within the course to the mid-career professionals: civil servants, teacher/lecturers, experts of NGOs and think tanks and journalists. 
SS 1: "The Values of Human Rights, democracy and the Rule of Law"
SS 2: "EU and Armenia: New Developments of Interrelations" 

The third Summer School will present the experience and results of teaching the Module to interested actors.
SS 3: "Methodology of Integrating EU Issues into Teaching"

As the project incorporates different activities (lecture sessions, public lectures and Summer Schools) it is open to wide audience:

  • BA students (Political Science, International Journalism, International Tourism, Area Studies).

  • Mid Career Professionals in the field.

  • Professionals and experts in the field.

  • General public.

Participants of the Module and the Summer Schools will be granted with the "Certificate of Attendance and Successful Completion of the Jean Monnet Module". 

The aim of the project is to foster the dissemination of knowledge on EU and European Integration by providing the in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the fundamental EU values, such as human rights, democracy and the rule of law. 
The project intends to:

  • Expand and enrich the curriculum of Political Science at BA level with a specific new course based on the interdisciplinary teaching approach.

  • Increase awareness of other BA students (International Journalism, Area Studies, International Tourism) on the issues of European Integration and European . 

  • Equip young professionals with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the EU values and possible new norms of EU-Armenia cooperation.

  • Introduce the methodology of incorporating the knowledge on European within other social science disciplines.

  • Disseminate the knowledge on European Integrtaion and EU at various levels of the society.

For further information regarding the program and registration, please contact UNESCO Chair on Human Rights, Democracy and European Studies on Human Rights, Democracy and European Studies. 

Tigran Torosyan
Project Academic Coordinator
Head of UNESCO Chair on Human Rights, Democracy and European Studies