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The Chair of Armenian Study

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“Armenian is the language to speak to God”  Byron


Head of the chair- PhD, Associate Professor Gayane Gevorgian


Armenian language, literature and history were taught at the University in the first years of its formation. The Chair of the Armenian language and literature, however, was founded in 1967 and later renamed as the Chair of Armenian Studies. E. Khondkaryan chaired it till 1990, followed by Prof. F. Khlghatyan till 2012. The chair used to service the department of the Russian language and literature later augmenting the number of subjects for the entire University. The chair has as its objective to equip students with:

a)      Linguistic and  philological insights into the Armenian language;

b)     Theoretical and practical grounds, enhancing the process of foreign language learning;

c)      Writing and speaking skills;

d)      Grammatical and expressive means for intentional application of spoken conversational and written literary Armenian.

Upon the completion of the course students are expected to have developed foreign language learning skills and competences based on the lexical, grammatical and stylistic expressive systems of their native language. The course will help them structure speech corresponding to aim, subject, and situation.

The following subjects are taught by our lecturers: Armenian Language, Speech Etiquette, Communicative Grammar and Lexicology, Western Armenian, Writing and Speaking Skills.