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The Scientific-Educational Center of “International Tourism”

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The "International Tourism" Scientific-Educational Center is a structural subdivision in Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences and was founded in 2004 in the present Faculty of Translation and Intercultural Communication. Since 2009 it has a status of autonomous center. 

The center brings together an academic staff of common professional background, is actively engaged in the organization of the educational process, implements educational, methodological, research and administrative activity and prepares highly qualified specialists in the sphere of tourism in accordance with the labour market demands.

The mission and objective of the center 

326746_origThe mission of the "International Tourism" Scientific-Educational Center is to promote tourism development in the Republic of Armenia- in an attractive country, which has a rich culture, history and biodiversity, through preparation of competitive specialists for the sphere.  
The objective is to prepare specialists in accordance with the current requirements of the tourism sphere.
The task is to develop and modernize educational and academic programs. 

Functions of the center
The "International Tourism" Scientific-Educational Center carries out the following functions:

• Implementation of scientific research in the domestic, incoming and outgoing tourism sector of the Republic of Armenia,design-development-icon_web300
• Organization of scientific-educational events: academic conferences, seminars, discussions, etc.,
• Implementation of consulting and after-class activities (open classes) with students,
• Organization of thematic excursions and animation programs and events,
• Cooperation with international academic institutions.

The center regularly organizes excursions to the places of interest of Armenia in order to strengthen students' theoretical knowledge, as a result of which students get the opportunity to fully acquire knowledge about Armenia's tourism resources as a tourism destination.


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