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Welcome to Brusov Yerevan State Linguistic University!
GasparyanAs you explore the university website, you will get thorough knowledge about the YSLU I know: a place with significant mission whose highest priority is the success of its students. As a public state university, we are always committed to making life better for the Armenian people. We do this throughout all aspects of our mission aspired to have the most student-centered experience in the country.
At Brusov Yerevan State Linguistic University, we provide excellence and accessibility in education, undertake many exchange programs with the help of our partner universities, and dedicate ourselves to diversity by welcoming our foreign students as well as professional staff from all over the world, and act as a pioneer in adopting education reforms and enhancing higher education role in public life. YSLU is proud to contribute to its students’ development to become creative thinkers and professionals that are definitely tomorrow’s competent, critical, and reflective citizens.
Again, a warm welcome to all YSLU official webpage attendees and best of luck with your studies!
FljyanFljyan Lusine, Professor Doctor

Job Profile of Vice-Rector of Science and International Relations at Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences is developed in compliance with the Strategic Plan of the University for 2013-2017 years and includes the following types of international and research activities:

International activities:

1. Promotion of the international mobility of students and teachers;

2. Promotion of the international mobility of foreign students, teaching and administrative staff;

3. Development and implementation of joint and double degree programs with partner universities;

4. Cooperation with international educational and public organizations and foundations;

5. Organization of international conferences and seminars;

6. Support to the departments and other units of the University in the elaboration of international grants.

Scientific and research activities:

1. The organization and promotion of postgraduate (PhD and postdoctoral) University programs;

2. Management of scientific and publishing activities of the University;

3. Promotion of the scientific and publication activity of the teaching staff and the students;

4. Organization of competitions for awarding academic qualifications (academic degrees and titles).

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